On Classical Equitation

Commentary on French Classical Riding


Here is the dressage of the true nobility. The barriers to the practice of authentic dressage are not from genetics, but from a failure to find your own nobility

Formless wisdom

The balance of a dressage which is centered in its own basic goodness is found first in the mind of a mother who creates a cradle of loving kindness in which both human and horse find a luminosity which has always existed.

Now Appearing

This is working with what “is”. This is letting appearance appear and what arise to arise. This is the substance of good dressage. Under the movements, under the training, suppleness is the way. We circulate the energy.


It would seem then that the only way to advance our dressage is in finding a singularity of being with the horse based on a harmony of mind and behavior.

Walking down the path

….the journey in dressage or the linking of mind to the horse is an understanding rarely found today. It is not so much something we need to create as much as it is allowing ourselves to be a certain way with the horse.