Donations Page

Your tax deductible donations go a long way at the Foundation for the Equestrian Arts.

Donations made to the Foundation for the Equestrian Arts go to support F.E.A. programs, publications, school horses, and teaching and office costs. These include costs for publishing: illustrators, writers, printing, editing, shipping. It includes the website, the cost to produce lessons in person and on line, lesson space, horse care and FEA clinics at the Snohomish facility, and the time and costs involved in keeping the FEA up and running. And we need your help to keep it going!

Below you’ll find tabs that are set up to help you donate. Please choose the amount that works for you. If you would like to contact us about an alternate plan for donation (Monthly? In Kind?) there’s a form you can use below. We depend on you, and we never take your gifts for granted.

Thank you!

Decide for yourself the amount you’ll donate. Use this link to enter your own tailored donation amount. Any level helps! Can you contribute more? Less? It all matters and the horses, teachers and authors and the students we serve appreciate the whole community. Your donation is US tax deductible, regardless of the level of giving. Thank you!

At this level, your contribution will make a big difference in funding one month’s horse boarding costs or perhaps health care costs for the school horses. It might pay for new rain-sheets, or be used to pay for an artist’s illustration for a new book’s cover. This donation level also is enough to help pay the accountant’s annual costs, or keep the lights on the website for a year. It’s huge! It’s also tax deductible, and we thank you.

At the Leadership level of $5,000, your donation will cover the costs of one school horse’s board for nearly a year, or will fund the start of a new book, or provide 5 months of administrative staff. We stretch the funds a long way! Thank you for your support of the work itself, and of the horses and the people who provide it.

Not all donations will fit in the simple once a year boxes we’ve set up above. If you’d like to make monthly contributions, or you have another form of donation that you’d like to discuss please use the form below to contact us.