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What are we up to? So much.

Your contributions (of money or time) make it all possible.The Foundation is dedicated to preserving this ancient, peaceful way of working with horses. Presently we are focusing on two main areas of education. We are publishing voices that otherwise will not be heard, and we are educating modern students to a much older, much gentler paradigm.

Your contributions of time and funds are what keeps this dream going: please donate funds, purchase from our gift store, or contact us to discuss other ways to become involved. Donating funds at any level is a huge benefit. Follow this link, then choose the right amount for you to support the preservation of classical work.

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We are a 501c3. Any financial donations to the Foundation made by US residents are tax deductible. Please consider making a donation today to support continuing education and publishing projects at the Foundation for the Equestrian Arts.

Books – here now, and on the burner!

We’ve published two books to date, “Quotes and Commentary”, a collection of quotations from the old masters followed by commentary from Craig Stevens and Mary Anne Campbell.
And we’re working on translations of Baucher’s complete equestrian works. We’ve started with volume one, Baucher’s “Méthode d’équitation basée sur de nouveaux principes”. (That is, Method of Equitation based on new principles.)
You can purchase both today, and support the Foundation while you support your riding education.

The Book Store
The Riding Academy in Snohomish

Investing in Future Masters:

Education for professionals and dedicated students

The Foundation has its conservatory at N.S.A.E., Craig P. Stevens and Mary Anne Campbell’s barn in Snohomish, Washington. NSAE offers short and long term internships in classical dressage, and certifies professional trainers and teachers who’ve completed deep study and practice, and are committed to continuing this old way of working. If you are interested in profoundly deepening your understanding of riding, training horses and/or teaching riders, contact us. The Foundation sponsors a limited number of working students. Horses may come for training along with the rider as equine artists in residence.

On Line Education

Instruction in Riding and Classical Arts On Line

Take advantage of the internet! Work directly with Craig P. Stevens, Mary Anne Campbell, or other Foundation teachers to develop your horse and yourself as a rider. Several internet-based options are available at various rates. Augment your training at home, keep connected between clinics, or just check us out.

Contribute in other ways

Become part of the FEA Community.

While it’s expensive to work with horses, many of the most useful contributions people can make are not monetary. We thrive on the collective wealth of the minds, hearts and artistic souls of the people drawn to this work. If you have time and talent for writing, art, publications, illustration, web design, gardening, music, travel, translation, calligraphy, sign making, events coordination, cooking, yoga and movement, singing or… anything that you feel might benefit this work, we would love to talk with you.