Craig P. Stevens Library

The Foundation for the Equestrian Arts is raising donations  to support the creation of the Craig P. Stevens Equestrian Foundation, a new non-profit that is being created as a memorial to Craig himself.

The library is a physical manifestation of the tireless fascination that drove Craig forward, studying from any source he could find and learning to read French in order to understand material from the source. Craig began collecting books about equitation in the early 1970s, scouring old bookstores for original material he could purchase and getting permission to use copy machines (when you had to do this page by page by hand) to make copies when the book itself was not for sale.

This library is a labor of love and a testament to a relentlessly curious equestrian mind. Craig wanted it to be available to students of the art after his passing. And at Falcon’s Landing in Colorado, through the guidance of his students there, that request is becoming a reality. Megan Sorentino is the primary facilitator for this project.

Donations for the Library Fund are being gathered by the FEA and held in trust until the new foundation is officially formed, when the FEA will send the money donated towards the goal of making Craig’s beloved books available to riders, trainers, and horse lovers in perpetuity.

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March 19, 2024