cradle of loving kindness.

Loving kindness and slow, predictable behavior form a cradle of loving kindness. Nourish the horse’s spirit with those actions which free the horse from doubt and to this add a playful joy to your work. The aids which are consistent and kind, showing friendliness and mercy, create a situation in which the horse can be lifted out of fear and trained in fearlessness.

Study this way of working, for the goodness of your heart, aided by a mind which is clear, are your best tools to free both yourself and your horse from fear’s grip. From this confidence is born.

There is no pretense of fear in the horse. Even the most ridiculous of fears must be exposed as false to the horse’s mind. Good dressage does not exist when fear is used to train.

Confidence cannot be found through aggression nor will it arise when one pretends. There is no recipe for confidence for it is eternal doubtlessness. It is freely given when fear vanishes.

Make yourself worthy of the gift of confidence; study and reflect on kindness and joy. Let your dressage be what the horse needs and wants. Learn to do this….