The enemy of good dressage is in deception. Cultural, individual or methodological deception are the neurotic aspect of our own trail through life.

Deception occurs first in oneself, and then deception is spread to others, but the horse is rarely deceived and even if it is, the deception is simple. Horses do not suffer from the complexity of human life.

Deceitfulness is one of the main obstacles to realizing the principles in good dressage. Whatever we do with the horse or in our study of dressage has the potential for deception. Because of deception, we are unable to see clearly.

The experience of the moment to moment feelings which occur in working are pure and clear, altogether unwavering. The feelings are always right but it is our interpretation or ignoring of those sensation which creates the problem.

The heart which finds the horse and which we connect to our authentic self is the way we hold ourselves properly and upright in this work. It is the goodness in dressage.

Goodness in dressage is the finding how to join properly to the authentic center in any movement in space. To properly understand this is to realize that the physical mechanical center, the psychological center and the physical center harmonize and overlap in space and time. Each relates with the other in some manner and when we bring our awareness to this we find the way to work properly. We can then find the common center of it all.

Start slow and stay simple. It is not the objects of the work or movements which matter but the play of space. When you find yourself lost stop and start again. Gentle is always the way and calm is first. Touch, lightly and find softness.