Discovering the magic

Discovering the magic

Good dressage training is based on developing gentleness and genuineness so that we can help ourselves to develop, through working with the horse, a tenderness in our hearts. We no longer wrap ourselves in a world of competitive insanity and oppositional methodologies but instead we cultivate harmony in all that we do with the horse.

It is not that we can no longer compete, though some will take this course, but rather that competitive goals are no longer the center but instead the horse has become far more important to us. Compared to the magic, joy and wonder we have found in working with the horse, competition just has lost it appeal.

We feel responsible for ourselves and our horses, and through our education, we feel good in taking on the responsibility. We also feel grateful that, as a kind and gentle human beings, we can actually work for the welfare of another; the horse.

It is about time that we did something to help the horse and the horse world. It is the right time, the right moment, for this kind of dressage to be introduced once again and that we start by trying to introduce ourselves to the gentle kindness needed to properly work with ourselves and the horse.

It is an important moment when you come to such thoughts for it is the moment when you demonstrate the compassion, maturity and intelligence to become truly human in the best sense of the term. This is the training of a horse and human to be as one. This is the magic of dressage.