Finding it

Finding it

There is a simple and genuine dressage. The best dressage is a matter of the heart and the horse. The problem is that simple teachings take time to be understood and even more time to be absorbed into our hearts. Dressage, if it is good dressage, must be simple because complexity is beyond what the horse can muster and frankly it is beyond what most of us  can put together too.

This is not because our minds cannot handle the complexity. Our egos love to bath in the elaborate and complex and dressage has an ocean of that, but it is our heart which needs the beauty of a simple love. This is the healing a horse gives us; simplicity

Every day, that we work with the horse work, is a day which needs to start with silence. Give your goals and plans a rest. They are not needed here.  Only seek to listen with intelligent compassion can we find not only our own wisdom in this, but the wisdom of the horse. Out of this sacred place, training arises.

Resistances occur when the lines of our intentions are cut but finding a listening dressage is to keep the lines of intention in harmony with the horse’s movements. In such a wisdom based dressage, what is called, control, arises from a deep feeling of simple harmony which connects us to the moment.

In seeking to make our work acceptable and in harmony with the horse, we learn to reflect. Our awareness becomes our mirror and we learn to mindfully place ourselves. To reflect is to work at making our being a true mirror.

Good dressage, in that mirror, is watchful for the distortions that we create. A peaceful feeling is the surface of that mirror and slow and gentle kindness keeps the reflection true. In this beautiful place, our dressage never loses itself. It is modest at its core. Lines of intent are never cut because the horse and human are always in sync with each other.

Find this in yourself for it is from such a place that can be found what the horse needs and you will discover that it is the dressage that you need this too (if you have not already discovered this).