Formless wisdom

Formless wisdom

There is a formless wisdom nature which we share with the horse. Part of the way this manifest is through the horse’s natural desire to communicate and grow. It is the source of curiosity which only arises when fear abates. In this wisdom nature, beyond words and language is the feminine impulse to find community and communion in relationship.

In dressage, as it is commonly presented, we see an over emphasis of the masculine principles. Control and domination, as well as the whole concept of oppositional aids are not just central to a dressage that has lost its balance, but a problem which reflects itself in our culture.

To find openness, lightness and gentleness is not about a certain behavior, but a deeper penetration into the formless, feminine, wisdom nature. This wisdom nature is the cause which supports kindness, openness, lightness and gentleness in our work with the horse.

Relationship and the subjective side of the horse/human existance is the sacredness of our mutual being. It should not and cannot be ignored in our work with the horse. A dressage which ignores or discounts that which appears formless manifests a sport which has lost the art.

It is funny and tragic that in a time where women have virtually taken over equitation, that they should seek to emulate masculine qualities, when they should turn to their own feminine nature to secure a healthier and better balanced dressage.

This classical and ancient riding that we try and share and teach is one which shines in the ancient divine mother without losing the details and masculine energies and in the balance, sanity is restored, curiosity arises and forward is produced without neurotic running.

This is the start of a genuine dressage, which is a training of the mind, which is central to healthy working with the horse. How many times does one starts to learn a genuine dressage? We start as many times as it takes; balance is everything and it is not a philosophical discussion. Balance, like pregnancy, is absolute. One is not a little balanced, or a little pregnant. It is either so or not. Neither state is a matter of belief or subject to discussions.

The balance of a dressage which is centered in its own basic goodness is found first in the mind of a mother who creates a cradle of loving kindness in which both human and horse find a luminosity which has always existed. We all have this mother mind. It is found when we open our hearts and minds and extend kindness.

It is unfortunate that this is only a play of words; a dance of language. My wish is for the words to jump into your being and that you find this dressage of kindness in your daily practice. Give up the pretensions and stories of dressage and connect with the horse and if you are connected, go deeper. Find the formless wisdom nature in the horse, in dressage and in yourself.