From this skill arises.

From this skill arises.

There is a natural togetherness and calm which comes from being in harmony with the horse, the environment and yourself. You do not have to make yourself fit into the movement or the moment but rather the moment and movement fit you.

This is the place where confidence comes from. You experience a kind of native suppleness and only in such a space do you start to understand the meaning of “correct dressage” because you understand that correct is not something you make but rather it is something you experience when you are in harmony with what is happening.

There is a natural hierarchy which arises in this state of harmony. It is not top down control. There is no aggression or struggle with the horse. In fact, struggle is impossible and lightness and proper timing of the aids are automatic. Any hesitation and doubt are gone.

Kindness and gentleness are extended easily to the horse because you have found in yourself and your work a native confidence which permits generosity. From this we can re-set our relationship with the horse and our actions automatically are skillful.

Correct dressage is always simple and always beautiful. Dressage is as much about you as it is about the horse. Correctness is not and should not be about the application of external rules but more about finding the proper place to be with the horse.