Here is a way

Here is a way

Six points to contemplate to bring your practice to a deeper level. From a mind standing in peace reflect and abide in confidence as you practice and reflect. This is the way and now is the time.

1.Noble is the horse, demonstrating mercy through forgiveness, we follow the example the horse sets and so we find our nobility without the poison of arrogance.

2.The mind is the pasture in which we are turned out together in;horse and human. There is no horse there is no human, there is only sentient being and playful mind..

3.Non conceptual mind is the meeting ground for horse and human. Space is what we share and is without measure.

4. In holding to nothing, our kindness unfolds. Our dressage is true and contains no hope and has no fear. Our aspirations have vanished and we have trust because we can give trust.

5. Joy from disciple does arise. To this joy we keep as in gentleness our path unfolds.

6. Aggression is the enemy our work and the horse. Find aggression’s root and without doubt cut it to find luminous dressage. One does not fight aggression but instead surrenders to compassion. to discover noble dressage.