opening up to the horse and taking a chance

In our approach to dressage, opening up to the horse and taking a chance by gentleness is a very important thing to do. It is being willing to be an explorer on a greater scale by being willing to break through mindless conventions.

The best dressage is to risk and attempt to be a most noble horse person. We cultivate confidence in ourselves and the horse by the humble recognition of who and what we and what the horse are.

The leap consists of giving up goal, aim, and object at the same time. It seems brave perhaps because to do this may seem both outrageous and fearless but it is the only thing we can do; it is trusting our nature, the horse’s nature and the nature of the situation.

The point of our education is to make this jump with intelligence. When we realize the power of harmony and gentleness, opening ourselves up to the horse is no long a problem. It is a requirement as basic as the breath.

Genuine dressage levels the playing field so we can stand together with our horse. Our best control is first to control ourselves and from this mutual trust comes. Here is the goodness of dressage.