Paradoxical dressage

Paradoxical dressage

The language of the aids knows how to properly communicates with tremendous feeling. This comes with the confidence needed to release both the horse and your own self. This is not a mindless and sloppy release but one which comes from the union of education and technical skill.

Such a beautiful release is a letting go which becomes the simplest and most eloquent expression of the aids. This is an expression of a most wonderful communication which is at dignified  and the proof of existence of a deep trust in both directions for both horse and human.
With rider’s body loose, open and available, there is a highly controlled awareness joined with an inquisitive and open mind. These are the expressions of letting go.

In this release, at once, the horse is set free and the rider finds tremendous precision in the aids. The simplicity lends itself to a willing ownership of the horse’s body which is given with full consent of the horse.

While seeming paradoxical such control becomes habitual and absolute because it is founded in complete gentleness. One realizes that there is no greater force in dressage than kindness when it is joined with intelligence. The horse reflect the rider and the rider reflects the horse. Such joyous play is the reflection of kindness present.

We know so much about technical dressage these days but the kind of experience that is being considered here is about wisdom which is rare in dressage. Such dressage has resolved the paradox and finds a true partnership with the horse.

What you really need to know here is that this does exist. It is not some fantasy or a marketing trick. The education is available here if you are willing and open to the experience. Dressage is not something that one suffers through but something which one can dance through.