Phone home, the horse waits.

Phone home, the horse waits.

Good dressage starts when you begin to realize there is something good and constructive about being you as yourself. You extend yourself to your horse and through this experience you find a devotion and faith to make a journey.

You find a personal inspired connection somehow and feel the same call that called the masters of old to open to the horse. Then an authentic caring for the horse begins to take place.

From this place a gentle kindness takes root and it brings devotion and dedication to this world. At the same time our tender heart extends itself as caring for horses that brings with it a willing and joyful renunciation. You are inspired to renounce any dressage that is without authentic heart: any perversion, selfishness, egotism, and arrogance fades away.

A fundamental wholesomeness arises in oneself and thus a true student of the horse is born. The eternal beginner starts to walk toward mastery. Everyday and every ride is a love affair with the horse. There is no goal only the joy of finding a true path that contains the beauty of your tender heart that your happy feet walk. We walk, trot and canter with our soul.

Such dressage is eternal joy and mastery that is found without ever looking just through a simple experience of being open; awake is an action which performs itself.  Everyone of us can find this way because it is already in us. We bring our inner horse to the outer horse and find the harmony which is naturally between them. We are our own best trainer and we study hard and true.

Dressage itself is its own prize and competitions and ribbons are just silly and most superficial. Yet, only some will heed this call but all of us can hear it. Choose to learn a path which listens and find a dressage of kindness. Find a way to lightness which brings you to you through the horse. Here is the birth of a most noble centaur; goodness and dressage are no longer separate.