Something to be dedicated to.

Something to be dedicated to.

I suppose that, what it is really all about is to be able to find confidence in the horse and for the horse to find the same in us. This is the true connection which is the root of dressage.

But, how is this to be done unless we first find that confidence in ourselves? This is primordial confidence. Primordial confidence is that which is given freely and does not need an object to exist. This primordial confidence is an ocean of goodness which lives deep in your most tender heart.

Confidence is a trusting which is placed properly in ourselves as a horse lover. Here is the outcome of our education and the skills which our daily practice created.

Dressage is the outcome of skillful means which has found itself a cradle of loving kindness. It invisibly extends itself, removing any doubt or hesitation. It is important to appreciate that such dressage is a shared state freely given and earned by both the horse and human alike.

Is this too high, theoretical or difficult a practice? It may seem so, but if you look closer at the problem, it is really too simple. This is a clear statement of one of those basics which people always talk about but never seem to get around to learning.

Ever loving and kind is how the link between the horse and rider are forged. This is the simple statement of the foundation for linking which is the core of the centaur effect.

Linking is not a trick, but a simple practice which leads to great dressage. Discover the power of this magic in your own work and be without struggle and quarrel with your horse.

It is important to understand that this is in every one of us and with practice it grows. Find the spark and light this fire in your own work. This is the nobility of dressage.