The circle of connection

The circle of connection

Acclimate, harmonize, direct (magnetize, and enrich) and release are the four stages for establishing a connection with the horse.

Acclimate is to be present and gentle. Consistent and reliable kindness gives the horse confidence and forms a desire to connect in both the human and horse. The center is respected and permitted without challenge.

Harmonize is learning to mirror and blend action and reaction. It is a matter of give and take which seeks no advantage or influence. Territory is neither lost nor gained as energies blends and flows in a gentle circle of trust. A common center is established.

Direction has two parts. To magnetize is to draw toward the center give the gift of closeness and to enrich is to move from the center which is the gift of space. The common center takes on movement.

Release is to allow the center to return to its source. The center refreshes itself. It never dissolves because the nature of life is to be embodied and what is embodied always has a center. This is a return to the primordial source which is listening to find the center which has no challenge.

This is the circle of connection and control which is present in good dressage. It exists in a confidence which is without words, established in kind and noble connection. Its beauty is without equal and it is a circle in place and a spiral over time. It only ends when life does.

This is the start, middle and end of dressage. It has body, feel and mind which always joins itself and makes one. This is a flow of noble and basic goodness.