Orientation Sessions

Learn the ropes and set your goals for your lesson program. 15-30 minutes of exploring the program, and chatting about what your goals are for your on line lesson experience.

Private on line lessons will be 45 minutes to an hour in length. A single lesson costs $100. If you pre purchase four lessons at a time, the cost is reduced to $360. With this option you have the flexibility to create your own lesson including sharing videos of yourself working, discussing reading material, or sorting out particular concepts in equitation.

Group or Semi-Private lessons

When more than one person signs up to form a group lesson, the cost for a single 45 minute session will be $75. Four lesson packages are $280. (If you invite a friend, we give you a $5 per lesson discount, too. Nice for you, nice for us, and fun to work with friends.) Sessions may run up to an hour, so set aside enough time in case it runs long. Groups will be limited to six people total.

These are large group lessons on specific topics, with power point or video illustrations behind the speaker. We will be leading clinics on

  • Principles and Practice of the Work in Hand
  • Mediterranean Horsemanship
  • The Classical Aids
  • Specific Treatises in Equitation including conversations on:
    • La Gueriniere, Ehrengranat, du Paty du Clam,  Baucher , Beudant
    • USDF Instructor’s Manual… a study in contrast
    • And over-view conversations on schools of thought in training
    • Suggest your own interests, we’re here to serve.


Four lesson Seminars

$160 for a four lesson seminar package on a specific topic, a participant can also sign up for just one portion for $50. These seminars are designed for larger groups and may include ten or more participants.

We are experimenting with our first on line lesson programs, and we’re getting good feedback from the students who’ve begun working this way. To sign up, you begin with an orientation session. You can follow this link to Schedule On Line After an appointment has been arranged, we will set up an on line “private meeting room” with the arranged date and time, and send you a link to follow to join us on line. Then you and your instructor will begin working together face to face  over the internet. The orientation session is free. In this initial conversation, you will learn how it works and we can discuss your individual needs. We make sure together that the technical stuff is sorted, so we know that the connection will work, and to make certain that you’re not spending quite so much in  learning where the buttons are.  
Craig lecturing at home