The Ticket to the Ferry

The Ticket to the Ferry

What is dressage and where did it come from? Of course there is the historical story, and various technical versions from the past but there is much more. Each generation recreates their version of that story but adds to it a touch of their own culture and times.

When you pay attention to the details in being with the horse or in your way of working with the horse, and in general, whenever you pay attention to in the basic realities which are always present, the horse can and will begin by its nature to speak to you.

The horse then can dictate to you what to do and how to be, so you have these natural reference point happening all the time. In every ordinary situation as well as in extraordinary situations, there is always feedback from the horse and the environment as well as from your own basic connection with your existence.

From this comes the wisdom of the horse to which we add our own wisdom. This can only properly occur when fear abates and a natural sanity arises. We connect to what is possible now.

The greater the aggression and arrogance we have the more we shut ourselves down from finding such wisdom but still even then, there are always hints to lead you home.

Good dressage follows the breadcrumbs and the open heart finds the way. To talk of such things is easy but to find this path is not always easy.

Go beyond. Step into space and go beyond. The trail at its start seems so narrow but step beyond. There is a road there which your eyes may not see but your heart can find.

Perhaps we are preaching to the choir and as one would say, “Yes, I understand” but all I can think of and my only answer is… “go beyond.”

I am the one who would ferry you to another shore and to other way but clever words and clich├ęs will not get you on the ferry. You must be willing to go beyond because there is a dressage which is not written or taught but only arises through mindful experience by the heart which has opened the door; Go beyond and find a golden dressage.