To dive deeply into dressage

To dive deeply into dressage is not about winning a contest. It is about the cultivation of a richness to your life. To limit oneself to contest winning is like living life only eating one food when there is a gourmet feast placed before you.

Exploring the experience of riding not only brings a wealth and texture to your life but it is also an act of sharing with the horse which is most precious. Two beings benefit and two beings live and love life more deeply.

Is this your idea of dressage? I hope so, but if it is not, please allow me to share this with you. Now, many more beings can benefit from a life lived more fully but do not stop there. Share this with as many as you can for there is only goodness when we seek to make another happy.

Who does not benefit from gentleness? What kindness is harsh? Perhaps this is too much to expect in our dressage, but it is a direction which you can start off in today and every day. Yes, you still have to learn how to do this kindness and lightness thing but what a glorious thing to do.

Find goodness in your dressage and you will find a richness in your life which is far more valuable than winning some prize. Find basic goodness in your dressage and in your life; there is no better credential or prize than the happiness that this brings.