To see the door.

To see the door.

To become clear about the horse and our dressage, it is important to understand the way to work is not by intellectually building a theory of what they must be like and then forcing our experience to agree with our preconceived ideas.

Instead, we go about understanding the horse in an experiential way. Simply allow our dressage mind, thoughts or mental perceptions of the horse to be whatever they are and then look at them, investigate them.

Good dressage has no need to maintain any set notions about how the horse is or must be and there is no forcing the horse to fit into any description or plan, simply take a close look at the situation as it is.

As we open ourselves up to who we are, we can see how the horse is and lightness, kindness and become the only path to follow. See what is and alignment with the mind of the horse and this becomes both the path to upper-level dressage and the solution to any confusion.

Thus, the noble dressage is a living wisdom which is a reflection of our own basic goodness joined goodness in the horse. The first step is our generosity, patience, and discipline. We make the effort and then openly reflect in our true heart.