It’s good these things; compassion, gentleness, lightness. The problem is not in the presence of goodness but in how to skillfully turn these good things into something which is practical and useful.

Understanding harmony is a simple enough matter. Finding it in the middle of chaos is another thing altogether. It is neither about being passive nor about being active in a situation but about being what the moment itself requires.

There is no rule. There is no formula which provides the magic answer. Seeing the mind and feeling for the heart are both attempts to grasp a simple single moment in time with a horse. From that precious moment the daydream beings.

The mind, heart and body engage in a touching which fades to non-touching. This the firefly of our being. We glow in a sensation. We are mindful and then the experience fades. We find cadence to maintain awareness, as does the horse.

Is this clear? This is not poetic though the understanding has a certain beauty to it. Like the firefly, neither the human or the horse glows with a continued awareness. The mental/emotional construct does diminish its glow.

We, in essence, blink in our awareness but in our common experience, no such vision exists. We maintain the illusion of continuous awareness and we create mental models support a permanence which, in fact, does not exist.

Finding the dance in one moment is one way and another is to grasp a moment and go on with it. Cadence is the way to martial the gap between a string of moments. Always two beats, one of contraction and one of relaxation can be followed.

At the start, the cadence of contraction abates the native fear and creates control but the cadence of relaxation are more important in the aids. Eventually, one finds equanimity for neither contraction nor relaxation is the whole story.

Eight directions plus up and down. Four points of a compass, further divided into eight. If we add to this that to each is an up and a down, we achieve sixteen different positions. The middle is the place of change or the place of rest. This is fuzzy math; useful for some and cryptic for others I suppose.

This is a very skillful conversation with a horse. The establishment of common cadence is how we converse. Not having taken the time to build this idea from the ground up is to risk making this meaningless or esoteric. I trust for you to bring your own ground here.

This is an interesting dressage. The dressage of goodness first starts with just what is and learns to flirt with what could be until it just is.
If this meets with no understanding in my readers, then this is just a note to myself, which is not to say there was no value, only that the value has been put off for another day.