Useful advice.

Useful advice.

The root of all dressage is in taming your own being. The essence of the teaching in good dressage is to think more deeply on your experience with the horse. The foundation of the work is in precious discipline. Starting first with yourself find the mind of kindness and extend it to the horse.

The only point to the teachings in dressage is to put them into practice. If you do not study at the start you will be stuck in your own ignorance. If in the middle you do not practice what you have studied, you work will be like a parrot. In the end if you do not make an intelligent effort you cannot expect the horse to.

Whatever arises in your practice, maintain it by relaxing. Whatever happens, do not lose yourself in the movement, let go. Regardless of your level, it is important not to be distracted and keep to what is gentle and always be kind.

Pushing too hard makes your practice poor and thinking you know anything is the root of self deception. The horse is always the source and you are always its servant. Do not grab on to movements but watch carefully what occurs. Be spacious and carefree.

The point of good work is to take it personally. Be personally involved in your dressage and less concerned about others. Cultivate a lofty view and precise conduct in your work. To see the horse clearly is to first see yourself. This is the difficulty of good dressage and its reward.