Welcome to the Foundation for the Equestrian Arts

Equitation as an art form, a means of expressing the beauty of the connection between one individual rider and one individual horse, has a long and rich history.  As competition has become the driving force in riding today, riding as an art has begun to disappear. The old way of working is well worth preserving as it connects us both to the brilliance of the individual horse and to the human mind and heart in balance.

While it can be an exhibition art form, the deeper beauty of this work – as in all art – is the subtle and deep connection between the artists in collaboration with their medium. The horse, the rider, moving together across space and time: each is the artist, each the canvas. It’s a personal experience between you and your horse, and it benefits both.

The Foundation for the Equestrian Arts was formed to preserve this ancient art. It does so in a variety of ways, including publishing hard to find books on the old way of working, offering a credential program for new instructors and trainers, teaching, and providing support for contemporary trainers and their students working in the French classical lineage.

We welcome you as a member in the Foundation, joining students from across the world in preserving this beautiful form of communication between horse and rider.